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Pamela Milligan

My name is Pamela Milligan and I started crafting when I was a small child with my grandmother and mother as they would sew, crochet and knit. I use to make clothes for my dolls with the left over scraps of material my grandmother and mother would discard. From there I started collecting stickers when I was in high school and feel in love with collecting all different types of stickers. After having my son, I knew I wanted to capture every moment I could, and my passion soon developed into creating scrapbooks for family and friends. Some of the things I love to make are ATC cards, Pocket letters, Cards, Banners, mini albums and creating in my planner. I enjoy meeting new friends who have a passion for creating beautiful things too.   I am always up to learning a new technique. One of my favorite times is on Girlfriends nights where we sit around talking, eating, drinking, relaxing, crafting, and having a fun.